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imgimgWe believe that it's the curves that make the garment. Therefore it's time for women to admire their curves as if they were a five star hotel in Vegas, Paris, Milan or Dubai. Plus size fashion designers, it's time to show and prove a few notches upward. Make a move to the center of the runway in high gear.

- Publisher

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Justine Dejor wants to help keep you informed in the unique and trendy fashions of the voluptuous women all over the world. What's your thoughts? BLOG »


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Fashion cridics share industry news. Learn why designers are venturing out to plus size market. Read More »


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Jewels - Julia Hay
Photo By: Bohdan Studio

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Welcome to The Justine Dejor Network, where curvy designs meets elite lifestyles.

Our Mission
We represent the day of the woman. Let today and everyday be your day to be beautiful.

Our mission is to bring forth the elegance, glamor, and luxury associated with curvy, plus size women fashions, including big and tall men's clothing and the consumers who seek them.


We're Your Direct Marketing Resource

Justine Dejor is an excellent marketing resource tool that assists in reaching the curvy, plus size, big and tall niche market. As an independent retail publishing company we offer an abundance of elite lifestyle resources in plus size designer apparel arena, including accessories, beauty essentials upcoming events, lifestyle destinations, beautiful curvy models, and tall me. We showcase seasonal collections of hard to find independent fashion designer brands, an array of fashionable home decor products which are presented to potential buyers, merchandisers, wholesalers, and consumers across the world.

About The Publisher

After an enormously successful career in marketing and the visual communications industry for companies such as DEF JAM Recordings, McGraw-Hill Publishing, JIVE Records, ESSENCE Magazine, Network Communications (Apartment Finder / Homes Magazine), Rooms-To-Go (RTG), and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, just to name a few. "SuJen," is now bringing her expertise and acquired taste for fashion to retail catalog publishing.

Founded in 2008, "SuJen" created Justine Dejor, a Full Service Fashion Catalog, Production, Product Management, and Publishing Company that specializes in the retail industry's elite fashion designer's seasonal collections for the curvier consumer. Her vision is to showcase luxury brands that cater to the plus-size, curvaceous and tall consumer market. In addition, her catalog specializes in supplementing what most independent fashion designer brands need to gain global exposure and revenue through mass production such as, print distribution, direct marketing, and product branding within our catalog. SuJen thrives on revolutionizing the way the world views plus-size fashion in the global, retail and beauty industries, through celebrated content.

"When savvy consumers want to know where to find the best trendy, professional, casual, sexy, and elegant plus-size apparel and lifestyle brands they go to Justine Dejor, where elite lifestyle meets curvy fashion."

Justine Dejor curvy lifestyle fashion catalog, is one of the top recommended fashion production marketers, and fashion catalog distributors in the United States. SuJen's goal is to expose the thousands of unknown independent fashion, accessory designers, boutiques, and fashion resellers around the world with a print catalog that is full of vibrant colors and exudes the opulent feel of stylish fashions, luxurious jewelry, exclusive restaurants, glamorous lifestyles, upscale living, contemporary home decor, modern accessories, and sweet fragrances.

Once Justine Dejor's next issue is revealed to thousands of online shoppers across the nation including teens, young adults, women, and men of all ages who will subscribe the Justine Dejor Network to get exclusive, limited collections, custom made by our multifaceted designer brands, product companies around the world. With hard work and diligence, SuJen's looks forward to building her well respected and trusted direct mail services to the curvy, plus size fashion industry for years to come.

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