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In everyone there is a star. In every garment there is story. In every model there is a painting. The exposure of ones trendy stylish fashions defines the ultimate lifestyle, and image of all Justine Dejor's "Curved To Fit" Fashion Brands.

- Publisher

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Fashion cridics share industry news. Learn why designers are venturing out to plus size market. Read More »


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Jewels - Julia Hay
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Updated June 2012

Terms & Conditions for JustineDejor.com

Welcome to our website. Please review those terms as well as these in order to make informed consumer decisions regarding this Site and our companies catalog production servicesyou are agreeing to comply with and will be bound by the following terms and conditions of use governed by JustineDejor.com’s and their relationship with you in relation to this website. The term ‘company’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner (Justine Dejor, LLC) of the website whose registered mailing address is 3780 Old Norcross Road, Suite 103-327, Duluth, GA 30096.  The term 'I' or ‘you’ refers to the participating applicant or product submitter. If you do not wish to be bound to any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not use this Site or the Justine Dejor's services.


Payment Terms – No Cash Discount

Invoices are dated as of the issue date and are due every 10th of the month, and payable upon receipt in USA funds drawn on a USA bank. Publisher looks to the advertising agency placing the insertion order for payment; however, publisher retains the right to hold the advertising agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for the monies due and payable to publisher, and the agency warrants by submitting the insertion order that it and the advertiser have accepted this responsibility. Publisher will NOT be bound by conditions, printed or otherwise, on contracts, order blanks or instructions, when such conditions conflict with its policies.

Rate Protective Clause

Publisher reserves the right to change the rates and terms herein at any time without notice, provided that for any contract advertiser, the rates herein shall continue to apply for issues published within 90 days of the effective date of such change. Contact the Justine Dejor advertising department for more information.

Publication and Closing Dates

Publisher may act on the written instructions of either the advertiser or the agency regarding any advertising number liability is assumed regarding any instructions received after closing dates. Justine Dejor is published every three months (quarterly). Except during holiday weeks, the last advertising forms close 30 days before date of publication. When proof must be submitted for approval, copy or artwork must be received by publisher no more than two weeks after ad closing date. All Justine Dejor advertising sections close approximately one month before issue date. When normal closing dates fall on a holiday, issue closes the preceding workday.


Publisher’s Protective Clause

By issuance of this rate card, publisher offers subject to the terms and conditions herein to accept insertion orders for advertising to be published in Justine Dejor, and by thier tendering such insertion order, the advertiser or agency shall indemnify and hold the publisher, its employees, its agents and its subcontractors free and harmless from any expenses, damages and costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) resulting in any way from the publisher’s compliance with said insertion order (including but not by way of limitation from claims of libel, violation of privacy, copyright infringement or otherwise). Publisher shall have full right to settle any such claim and to control any litigation or arbitration to which it may be a party, all at the cost of the agency and the advertiser who shall be deemed joint and several indemnitors, and agency warrants that it is authorized to bind, and does bind, advertiser to such indemnity jointly and severally with the agency. Publisher reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to discontinue publication at any time with or without notice, or to defer or cancel the printing, publication or circulation of any issue, or of the tendered advertising, and shall not be held liable for any failure to print, publish or circulate all or any portion of any issue or of the tendered advertising because of labor disputes involving the publisher, the printer or others, transportation delays or embargoes, errors or omissions of employees or subcontractors, or circumstances beyond its control. Publisher’s sole obligation as to any failure or default on its part shall be limited to a refund of its charges which may have been paid to it or, at its option, to publish the tendered advertising in the next available issue. The publisher reserves the right to accept, reject or omit any advertising for any reason. No advertising will be accepted which simulates Justine Dejor editorial material.

Terms & Conditions For Sharing Content

In addition to the terms set forth in the "Terms of Use" governing use of Justine Dejor's websites, the following Terms and Conditions for Sharing Content additionally govern your use of Justine Dejor's websites.
Please review these terms and conditions often, as we reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMERS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE Justine Dejor WEBSITE ("Site"). BY ACCESSING AND USING THE SITE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF USE. These terms and conditions are applicable to all Justine Dejor websites, whether a sponsored site, managed through a third party vendor or hosted by a third party.


T&C – Fashion Designers & Boutiques & Product Placement

By submitting an application to Justine Dejor, the participating applicant agree to the following information and give authorization to Justine Déjor to charge their account for return of production services leading to the showcasing of their products for return of sale and distribution of the Justine Dejor fashion catalog. Participant agrees that they are in full understanding of due dates for electronic files, approved submission products, photo shoots, catalog release date, terms of payments, and agree to adhere and cooperate with such guidelines. Therefore applicant state on record the following: "I" (Fashion Designer; Boutique; Reseller; Retailer; Product Placement Participant) understand that my reservation in Justine Déjor is binding and my cancellation or failure to comply with this agreement will not result in postponement of payment. As stated on the application, invoices will be emailed to me monthly. The application also states that all designer payments are due on the 15th of each month (3x per quarter). If you are a Product Placement Participant, a one time fee per quarter is required (NO monthly payments required). I, the participating applicant is fully aware that if my monthly payment is late a $25 fee will be billed to my account. Should any amount be turned over to an outside party for collection, the above stated customer to whom the charges are billed agrees to be responsible for paying full amount due, legal fees and court fees.

If applicable, upon receiving my submitted item(s) or product(s), Justine Déjor will take total responsibility of items lost, stolen or damaged while in their possession. However if items are broken, stolen or lost during delivery process (to or from) Justine Déjor waives the right restore, refund or replace any item prior to receiving product(s) for photo shoot production. All unsold items will be returned to designer after quarter is complete, unless stated customer provides a written request to cancel or continue service. All shipping and handling costs will be covered by designer. All costs will be added to participant billing statement. Justine has the right to discontinue or reject your application submission (contract agreement) if payments are not paid in full prior to publishing current catalog season issue. Fashion Designer; Boutique; Reseller; Retailer; Product Placement Participant understands that they have committed to at least 2 issues (6 months; 2 seasons; 2 quarters) of the Justine Déjor fashion catalog.

I understand that Justine Déjor will provide a monthly progress report of sales progress, and online portfolio from their online storefront linked to their website, JustineDejor.com. Fashion Designer; Boutique; Reseller; Retailer; Product Placement Participant has the right to discontinue any quarter that has not been started. If cancellation occurs three days prior to or after post production, unfortunately no refunds will be rewarded to designer. Justine Déjor reserves the right to refund any payments stated otherwise within 15 days after application/submission date. All submission payments are final and will not be refunded upon receiving this written agreement 15 business days after deadline date stated in this agreement (Signed and faxed to Justine Dejor at 678-242-8080).

PLEASE NOTE: Justine Déjor reserves the right to refuse any product(s) it deems offensive or inconsistent with its mission statement. Justine Déjor also reserves the right to reject or require changes to any ad it deems inappropriate. Justine Déjor reserves the right to determine the eligibility for all such ads and its judgment will be final. This invoice and previously submitted application form automatically expires after the quarterly billing term has been completed (Effective until the end of productionprocess(photo shoots and print production) for Justine Dejor's Next NEW & Exciting Exclusive Issue.


T&C — Models

in the course of working with us, This is optional. Justine Déjor will provide all models chosen for their featured section on the Justine Déjor website (www.justinedejor.com ). Our online model page will view models in current season issue only. All models chosen will reserve their rights to Justine Déjor creative team of contracted and licensed hairstylists, makeup artists and photographers to assure a continuous image of excellence and beauty that represents all fashion designers and the company itself. All models will be assigned a specific location and also be required to wear selected garments for any designer pieces given on assignment. Lingerie or intimates (panties and bras) will not be a requirement. Upon joining our company, you will occasionally be asked to attend promotional events, fashion shows, etc., for our company if time permits. You are required to attend at least two events after signing on with our company.

Remember, Justine Déjor is here to show the beautiful curves and sexy figures of the everyday woman. Our goal is to expose you as a model and promote all contracted independent fashion designers contracted in any of our catalogs. Thank you for considering Justine Déjor to be your moment to shine!

By submitting your completed application, you agree to give Justine Déjor authorization to release your biography and photos taken on site by their own contracted photographer(s) for any and everyone of their promotional advertisements, fashion shows, print ads, myspace and their website, www.justinedejor.com. I understand that this authorization will be for the entire duration of their business. Please note that if model requests a composition card to be "designed" by Justine Dejor, there will be a fee of fifty dollars will be required prior to photo shoot schedule.


T&C – Photo Crew: Photographers / Make Up Artists / Hair Stylists / Wardrobe

In the course of working with Justine Déjor, you, the creative professional (Photographers, MUA, Fashion Stylists, Wardrobe Stylists, Hair Stylists, Interior Designer, Art Director) agree that you will use your creative talents to your fullest extent, use your own products (tools, accessories, and equipment) required to a complete a full 8 to 10 hour day photo shoot (hours do not include set up time). Participating photographers are required to provide the use of their studio or a studio at their expense for any of Justine Dejor's photo shoot sessions booked. However multiple locations will or may be selected for miscellaneous off-site shoots which will be announce by publisher upon demand. Payment terms will be fifty percent deposit, and fusty percent at end of photo shoot day/project term which is based upon the satisfactory of one-hundred percent performance. If there are any damages caused by you or your team/staff members during photo shoots, deductions will be addressed and may affect balance due. By signing this authorization form, you agree that you are a licensed and trained professional with more than three years experience. Hairstylists, makeup artists (MUA) and photographers agree to assure a professional image of excellence and skill that reflect their professional portfolios.

All chosen models (up to 10 max) will agree to allow hairstylists, makeup artists and photographers to use them for the implementation process of the Justine Déjor fashion catalog. All models will be required to wear selected garments for any designer pieces given on assignment. Lingerie is optional. NOTE: Photographer gives all rights to use photographs to Justine Dejor, their models involved for the use of their own self promotions. Restrictions may apply based on photographers agreement terms. Refer to photo contract if provided by photographer.

Upon joining our company, you will occasionally be asked to attend promotional events, fashion shows, etc. for our company if time permits. Remember, Justine Déjor is here to show the beautiful curves and sexy figures of the everyday woman. Our goal is to expose your work, promote all advertisers, sponsors, models and contracted independent fashion designers in our fashion catalog, website and most of our promotional items.



To get started please forward your contract terms. You can choose to either email (INFO@JUSTINEDEJOR.COM) us or fax (678-242-8080) this form (Download PDF) prior to photo shoot, and after a project agreement as been arranged with Justine Dejor's publisher, 'SuJen' and yourself. TY


T&C – Memberships

VIP Membership Opportunity $125

Justine Dejor welcomes those who honor and support their business model and mission.

Thank you for considering Justine Dejor fashion catalog to be your next step to your business product. By becoming a participating designer brand in our fashion catalog you will not only receive brand name recognition, potential direct sales growth, special discount offers, great opportunities to showcase your products to buyers, consumers, corporations, non-profits, reach your target audience, and industry leaders. You will also get exclusive information concerning the fashion industry, Justine Dejor newsletters, upcoming event notices, exclusive VIP offers, gifts, free consultations, and public relations support.

By continuing your participation with Justine Dejor &/or the STYLEBAR TV Sales Network Channel, you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions. To start your "VIP" Membership process obtain you must first complete our online Designer Application Form if you you have not done so already. When completed, you will receive your official membership card, and a Justine Dejor T-Shirt. Please mention SIZE: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 1X, 2X, 3x, 4x, 5X . COLOR: White or Black.

To qualify for the "VIP" Membership, you may request more information online. After six month of participating, you will be considered to become a loyal member of The Dejor Network "VIP" Membership Program. There is a one time non-refundable fee of one-hundred and twenty-five dollars required and you must have committed to at least two seasons prior to receiving your official "VIP" Membership Certificate.This opportunity is open to all designers, boutique owners, models, sponsors, and other industry organizations who have supported the Justine Dejor business brand for at least two season's. Individuals considered have shown comittment to the advancement of underrepresented fashion designers and who genuinely supports plus size fashion. The Justine Dejor Network does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and cultural and religious backgrounds. "VIP" Memberships with The Justine Dejor Network includes a listing on the organization’s website, preparation of a biographical profile, invitations to industry seminars and workshops, consideration for participation in fashion showcases (please note that some events may require a fee participation fee), referrals for fashion articles and shows, a feature article in Fashion Manuscript, and where applicable a feature story in mainstream fashion publications.

Please request and submit the Justine Dejor's Membership Form, Designer Questionnaire, and send your membership fee to complete your "VIP" Membership Registration. To begin please contact us at www.justinedejor.com/contact.html to enter the journey of the plus size evolution of what the retail fashion publishing industry needs to endure in today's world of fashion. For further information please contact us at 404-482-1106 or email at members@justinedejor.com.